Friday, February 27, 2009

The Credit Crisis for Dummies

Found this little gem today. Explains in simple terms why banks are failing and how it really does all go back to credit.

The Crisis of Credit Visualized from Jonathan Jarvis on Vimeo.

I like to think I'm a pretty bright guy, but I've not been able to follow this whole mess. This helped me clear it up and also reassure me that not owning a home at this point in life is probably the best thing imaginable.

Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Ear Worms Anyone?

I don't follow music as ferociously as I used to. That is, unless I stumble across it I'm probably not gonna hear it. That said, the one band I anticipate new things from is Mute Math. They released an new EP this month.

I'm listening to it for the first time on (also something new I stumbled across). Good stuff. Worth a quick listen.

Tuesday, February 24, 2009

"...create or save jobs..." O-BINGO!!!!

Looking for something to do tonight during Obama's quasi-State of the Union address? I am, but instead of turning the TV off, I'll be playing along at home. It's O-BINGO Time!

The American's for Tax Reform have taken the otherwise politically mundane and turned it into family fun. Pretty sad though when you've regurgitated the same lines over and over enough for some outfit to create a game based on your empty phrases.

The best part is they have 4 different cards so you really can play along at home.


What kind of survivor are you?

I've quickly become hooked on The Glenn Beck Show on Fox News. I've set my DVR to record it everyday. He's on at 5:00 p.m. here. If you haven't seen him yet, check him out. He's honest, sometimes blunt, and often times funny. I think if I had a news/political commentary show it'd be just like The Glenn Beck Show.

Anyway, enough of that. Last Friday he had Ben Sherwood on who wrote "The Survivors Club: The Secrets and Science that Could Save Your Life." Beck was considering some worst case scenario possibilities with all the strife that is developing in our country. He took a what if approach rather than the Chicken Little angle. Very interesting.

Sherwood has a quiz you can take to determine what kind of survivor you are. Everyone will fit into one of his five categories. Check it out. I'm a realist. What are you?

Friday, February 20, 2009

I've got no complaints

Here's a video from Kanye West. Not a fan, but found this on a church + media blog I read. Wanted to share it.

Seems like everyone wants a piece of the rock star life, whether it's the fame, the money, the travel, the comfortable lifestyle, but maybe it's not all it's cracked up to be...

KANYE WEST "Welcome To Heartbreak" Directed by Nabil from nabil elderkin on Vimeo.

I've got no complaints, no regrets. I love my family and I love my life.

Thursday, February 19, 2009

Where's the missing page?

I read the story of God testing Abraham today (Genesis 22). You know, the one where God sent Abraham off to sacrifice his son, but just before he goes through with it God stops him and blesses him for being so faithful.

I gotta believe there's a page missing somewhere. I mean, here you have Abraham, his son and a couple of servants heading out into the wilderness. Abraham leaves the servants and goes with his son to build an altar and offer a sacrifice to God. Isaac astutely notices that they have everything they need for their act of "worship" (I love that) except the sheep.

I can picture the scene... Isaac is walking along side his father, carrying as many branches has his little arms will hold. Abraham clutches the flint and the blade as his hands begin to sweat. He takes long, deliberate strides, staring into the distance as he considers the deed at hand. Isaac is doing all he can to keep up.

They walk silently. Abraham asking, "Do you have it son? We're almost there. You're doing good." Isaac calls back, "Yes, Dad. I'm alright."

A few paces more. Reluctantly Isaac speaks up. "Dad?" "Yes, son." "We have everything we need for the sacrifice, but where's the sheep?" Abraham, mouth dry and heart sinking, replies, "God will provide one, don't you worry." He's proud of his son, both for his quiet obedience and his keen observation.

They come to the place where God directed them. Abraham gathers a few large stones, rolling them into place. Isaac follows suit with smaller rocks. The altar is completed and Isaac passes the wood to his father, still curious about the sheep.

At this point I realize, something is missing. Clearly a page was left out of the original manuscript, because what follows next is Isaac being tied up and placed on the altar. Where's the dialogue? Where's the explanation? Surely Abraham had to explain to his son what was going on. Surely he told him what God said--how God instructed him. What child would, without explanation, let his father bind him and prepare him for sacrifice? Something is missing from the text.

As a father to a son I want to know what Abraham said. How did he convince his son to be the sacrifice? What did he say?!?!

But God in his infinite wisdom left those details out. It's not for us to know. I could be that Abraham had raised such a faithful and obedient son that he didn't have to explain anything. That's what I like to think. And that's the most challenging part of this entire story.

How can I, like Abraham, raise such an obedient son that the only explanation required of me is, "It's the Father's will"?


Someone Famous Once Said...

"If the new American father feels bewildered and even defeated,
let him take comfort from the fact that whatever he does
in any fathering situation has a fifty percent chance of being right."

-- Bill Cosby